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Environmental Management System

ClassNK ISO14001

The Environmental Management means a development of a corporate activity that is to incorporate environmental policy to business management and to make a plan in accordance with its policy and to put this plan into practice.
The purpose of the Environmental Management is to reduce an environmental load by a harmful corporate activity and to pass a beautiful environment to the next generation.

In 1990's, with the interest of the environment is growing up, the above trend led to the global environmental protection without the limitation of the area, like companies, regions, and countries. As a result, the international standard about an environment was established.

To be concrete, the beginning was the conference on Environmental and Development in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 and the international standardization of the environmental management was started by International Organization for Standardization (= ISO). This Environmental Management System (= EMS) is called a "ISO 14001 series" because ISO numbered from 14001 for this EMS.

EMS was valid in 1996 as an international standard and it was amended radically in November 2004.
The edition of 2004 was promulgated as a Japanese Industrial Standards on 27th December 2004 and has already started putting into practice.

What's the Environmental Management System?

The Environmental Management System is a structure which we keep recognizing various influence to the environment and improving them continuously through our each organization activity, like supplying row materials, production, sales, recycle and products development.

Organization Chart

Environmental Management System (EMS) Organization Chart/Shore Organization

To maintain the environmental activity

ISO14001 requires that we should maintain/improve the environmental activity continuously and as a result of it, it leads the prevention of an environmental pollution. That's why EMS requires the operation of PDCA Cycle, which means "Plan – Do – Check – Action", and making better management system.

P (Plan)
  • To decide the Environmental Policy and its target
  • To make an authority and a responsible role clear
  • To make manuals and procedures in writing
D (Do)
  • To carry out an activity following the Environmental Policy and its target
C (Check)
  • To assess procedures and results for improving
A (Action)
  • To review of plans after result assessment
  • To set up a target for next year

The first target of EMS is that each company reduces an environmental load and prevents an occurrence of accidents which have a bad influence directly or indirectly through above their chain of environmental activity.

Though Everyone knows the importance of the environmental activity nowadays, it's quite difficult to put it into practice. However, our environmental activity will achieve our target by each person's understanding to EMS and self-awareness of the responsibility.

The present situation of our environmental activity

We acquired ISO 14001 Certificate for Environmental Management System approved by Class NK in November 2005 and it was passed their inspection for its renewal in October 2014.
"Think globally, Act locally"
This is a phrase in general use to present the attitude for the environment. We are positively tackling the issue of environmental protection more than ever.

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