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Message from the President

Masaharu Kurosawa

Our environment is changing rapidly. While we have yet to see when the COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end, we inevitably advanced workstyle reforms, which we could not launch before. Now, work from home and remote conferences have become our common practice in work. Further, while the global economy has slowed significantly due to the pandemic, SDGs are being advocated as goals for the world. For us in particular, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a pressing issue, and it is imperative that we take drastic measures to address the issue.

In these rapidly changing social conditions, we will continue to work as a shipping company specializing in the dry bulk business, making daily efforts to fulfill the expectations of our customers and shareholders and earn their increasing trust. We are determined to fulfill our missions by giving top priority to safe operations, without forgetting our hands-on policy and with a deep understanding of social needs.

While market conditions would continue to change markedly and routinely, we squarely face those conditions, making sure to increase profit under favorable conditions and taking countermeasures promptly under difficult conditions. By keeping this policy in mind, we will keep working hard to be a company that can repay our stakeholders for their support.

Masaharu Kurosawa


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