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Vessels in Asian Waters

Vessels in Asian Waters

Our Tramper Services in Asian waters are provided by bulk carriers ranging 5,000DWT upto 20,000DWT.
Vessels of over 10,000DWT mainly carry coal from Southeast Asia to Japan and cement from Japan to Southeast Asia. Also vessels of less than 10,000DWT mainly carry steel products from Japan to China and Southeast Asia and logs,lumber and plywood from Southeast Asia.

One aspect of our services is that since the beginning, unrivaled fleet scale has always been allowing us greater flexibility in vessel allocation. Moreover, we have been quick to grasp our customers' needs by providing best suited vessel to maritime transport among our variety of fleet, particularly our High Freeboard Vessels and offering a variety of maritime transport ideas as well. With our customer-oriented approach, we have acquired a high level of trust from our customers.

In recent years, the remarkable growth of newly developing nations in Asian waters has been changing the way of maritime. By accurately grasping such changing needs, we will continue to pursue efficient allocation of vessels for our customers as ever.

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