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Coastal Service

Coastal Shipping is one method of transporting large volumes of cargo within Japan. Recently, from ecological viewpoints such as "Accelerated modal shift" the importance of Coastal Shipping has been increasing.

We have about 20 dedicated carriers and general cargo vessels. One characteristic is our specialized cement/ limestone self-unloading vessels (vessels equipped with unloading equipment) which we have owned and operated for many years, receiving the trust and appreciation of our customers. In recent years we have used that experience and skill to expand into coal and fly ash carriers for electric power companies.

In addition, one of the biggest characteristics is that we can provide new services to our customers by making best use of our position as both an International Tramper and Coastal Shipping Entity, and through smooth cooperation between our Ocean-Going and Coastal Service Departments.

We can provide good services to fit a variety of customer needs by using our knowhow gained through our Coastal Service such as providing inshore cement tanker services overseas.

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